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[Моргана Пендрагон]

[Моргана Пендрагон]

Shikira's hair is straight, but the expression/features are perfect.

Morgana Pendragon

I am THE Lady Morgana Pendragon, the most powerful witch that ever was, but, of course, you knew that already. My birth parents were Uther Pendragon and Vivienne. My half-sibling are Arthur and Morgause.

She's so gorgeous! Katie McGrath as the Lady Morgana Pendragon from BBC's hit TV series The Adventures of Merlin.

Morgana Pendragon (Actress / Katie McGrath) (TV Series / Merlin) Long live the queen of Camelot :D

a modern stereotype of Morgan as "the very embodiment of evil dedicated to the subversion of all forms of governance, express[ing] the fears that inevitably accompany the sort of radical cultural change represented by the social realities and ideological imperatives of escalating female empowerment during this (20th) century...a composite of all the patriarchal nightmare-women of literary tradition: Eve, Circe, Medea and Lady Macbeth compressed into a single, infinitely menacing package,"

Cosplay: Morgana Pendragon (BBC One’s Merlin)

I think evil Morgana is much prettier than good morgana. <------ agreed, she turns fabulous when morgause dies