Margaret Tyler, the blacksmiths daughter. She is good with metal work too.

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victoriousvocabulary: “ SUPERVINCERE [verb] to conquer. Etymology: Latin super, “above” + vincere, from vincō, “win, conquer”. [Mélanie Delon - I Will Take What Is Mine] ”

Daenerys on the Iron Throne: Magnificent Digital Painting by Melanie Delon Note: This digital artwork is the cover of the May 2014 issue of Imagine FX Magazine

[by Helga-Helleborus]

So i ran away back home, blanco said starring blankly at the floor. her red eyes refocused themselves on orlando. blnc to orlando about kenna

A little Asterin warm up ❤️- Charlie Bowater

Anonymous said: Hi! Would you mind drawing some of the Thirteen? Like Asterin, for example? Answer: Oops, I guess I forgot to post this here!


I've been wanting to paint Connor for a while now and yesterday I finally did it! (Well, Connor and a soon to be dead soldier. My enemy is a notion, not a nation.

"I'm so sorry," she weeps. Kissing his damp forehead, "I'm so sorry..."

(Perfect for my end scene in beauty and the beast) The last fight of David by Vyrhelle-VyrL on deviantART