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Wish I could go to a playoffs game :(

Wish I could go to a playoffs game :(

Every year Quebec doesn't get a team back ought to bring Gary Bettman an extra thousand years in Purgatory.  The Nordiques get wonderful treatment from Eric Poole. More of his work at http://epoole88.tumblr.com

Quebec Northerners (Nordiques): A blue wolf gnarls with a hockey stick & wore the famous Nordiques road jersey .

NHL Logo Design - Infographics - 1

NHL Logo Design - Infographics - the only team that's stuck with one. (And loseapeg doesn't count because they moved from Atlanta and changed the logo and didn't go back to the original Jets logo)

Just When You Thought You've Seen It All...

Not exactly true, knowing that I'm Canadian (btw, it's an exaggeration that Canadians are too polite)

What hockey players look like under all that gear. HOT,thats why they play on ice.Chris Higgins: Vancouver Canucks

Melting the Ice: 22 Hottest Players in the NHL

This is even better when you watch the video. Happily, I've just pinned it for your viewing pleasure. (If you're not inclined to find that pin, here's the URL: http://youtu.be/yneRfVCy3Lo)

Funny pictures about Hockey step by step. Oh, and cool pics about Hockey step by step. Also, Hockey step by step.