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My Mom is a BEAUTIFUL soul!

LOVE this adoption quote. Adoptive families have a VERY special place in my heart. Both human and animal! I couldn't imagine our lives without our adopted dogs. They're my babies and my son's siblings.

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It's not the word before parent that defines, but rather the love and dedication in the parent's heart. YES! I can't stand it when someone refers to me as an "adoptive parent". I'm his mom!

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"i love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you." - the alchemist

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Why do people ask or assume I can't have my own children! I have a beautiful amazing daughter. Adoption is my way of giving back because I am so amazingly blessed!

Quite possibly the best thing I have ever seen in my life❤️

Her Heart, Our Hearts, Only Love

This is the start of your sweet little story. The part where your page meets mine. No matter where your tale takes you, tomorrow our story will always read love. …Our story will always read LOVE.

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Rusty and Catrina--we didn't give you the gift of life, but life gave us the gift of you! Adoption Quote Sign by Homeisasanctuary on Etsy

So true.... and I have learned this the hard way - so of my closest family "don't have drop of my "families blood"

So true. and I have learned this the hard way - so of my closest family "don't have drop of my "families blood" Oh Tash I love you!