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Sylvia's Stitches: Quilter's Strip Poker!

After visiting the Quilter's Unlimited Quilt Show in May, I joined the Haymarket Chapter of QU. The June meeting was a Social, so it wa.

What level #fabric lover are you?--I don't sneak scraps from my friend's house but i'm suspicious that my friends are sneaking scraps from my house....

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What level fabric lover are you? I pick up scraps from the ground. Where is that level?

Don’t you love quilt retreats? I I do know that I do not get to go on enough of them. This past weekend one of the gals in my office went on her bi-annual retreat with the same group that she…

Moda Lissa: Quilt Acronyms ~ A bit hard to read so open this one and laugh your way to your machine!

Mug Rug Tag for gifting

ButtonsandButterflies - Mug Rug Tag In my research I found this fabulous printed inclusion that Heidi (of Buttons and Butterflies) shared for when she gifts mug rugs. (Her friend Gretchen designed it and it’s super cute!

Quilt Guild Bingo instructions for a fun evening with friends or an inexpensive activity for your favorite guild.

Quilt Guild Bingo

Quilt Guild Bingo- Directions for making your Bingo card are on this site, just in case you can't find yours.

Flip and sew fan - with pics and directions

Karen Griska Quilts: Variable Fan for Cheryl Link doesn't work anymore but looks pretty simple to figure out

Love Laugh Quilt: retreat!

I'm on a retreat committee. We plan a spiritual retreat every year for about ladies and it's happening THIS weekend! This is NOT a mo.