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Population density

Landslides are among the most common and dramatic natural hazards, reshaping landscapes -- and anything in their path. Tracking when and where landslides occ.

Cape of Good Hope. All I can think of is going back to the restaurant at the top of that hill you see.

{been here, the most south-western point of Africa - Cape of Good Hope, South Africa //JN

Karnak Temple Guard, Egypt | by Sébastien Mamy

Karnak Temple, Egypt ~ Karnak is one of the most famous archeological site in Egypt. The temple, dedicated to Amon god, was connected to the city (about 5 miles away), by a Sphynx alley. Walking within the rooms of th

What Should I Do In Portland?

What Should I Do In Portland?

Santorini, Greece

Stunning Photos of Santorini, Greece

Sidewalk Cafe, Santorini, Greece (not exactly a house, but still sweet as a small exterior space)