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Try three papers...

Hey girl, I hear you have a paper to write. I believe in you. - Ryan Gosling // Hey Girl Ryan Gosling This is perfect!

Make sure you tackle those midterms early on.

I Will Study and I Will Win! Art Print by Dale Keys// i would love this in my room

Preparation will always win..                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Networking: how to ‘market’ yourself at conferences

PHD Comics: How your Conference Presentation Goes (a bit sciency, but still true)

The body of research continues to grow... Like an evil all-consuming organization... HAIL HYDRA! j/k

The body of research continues to grow. Like an evil all-consuming organization.

Haha!!! So true! Luckily I have a FT job so the money questions don't hit me lol

"Things people say to PhD students" Greeting Cards Postcards by twisteddoodles

Yes! It's that time of the year.  Embarrassing student emails, pleas for extra credit...#dontdothis

12 Signs You Were A Music Major

I hate obnoxious loud noise! I love loud music, and other loud things, But an outta the blue crude noise, I don't like.