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Steampunk Mechanical Birdie- POTTERY, CERAMICS, POLYMER CLAY

Mechanical Birdie - POTTERY, CERAMICS, POLYMER CLAY - I made a newer version of my mechanical birdie - this is version two-point-zero!

The couple, Jim and Tori Mullan (Jim and Tori Mullan) under the brand name "Millennium" ("Mullanium") manufactures and sells exclusive items from antique parts. We present our famous collection of steampunk-style called "Songbirds" ("Song birds").

mechanical bird

This charmin' sculpture reminds me of the quasi-mechanical sea creatures, wire elk, glass wolves, brass mice, and other strange animals that roam Menagerie Europe. More Steampunk

Gorgeous Steampunk Song Bird Sculptures by Mullanium

Made from original decoy and combined with unusual relics which give each inspiring bird their own personality. These sculptures give life to the once forgotten pieces of yesterday and are one of a kind.


Colorful bird on wheels, one of Jim Mullan's incredible bird sculptures. I first saw these at Human Arts in Ojai and love them!

I don't know where this comes from and I'm sure it isn't vintage but I just love it

"Songbirds" – Steampunk Sculptures by Mullanium

"Songbirds" - Steampunk Sculpture Jim Mullan and his wife Tori produce these steampunk sculptures under the brand Mullanium.