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Five Things Successful Digital Insurers Know

There are many things successful digital insurers know, but there are five very important items worthy of discussion.

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Man holding a tablet computer with blank black screeniPad and Tablet...

Federal Government’s Digital Strategy Sets Pace for Tablet Adoption

Connecting medical professionals with laboratory services for molecular diagnostic testing throughout the U.

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What Does Each Color in a Mood Ring Signify

Employee Engagement Increases in a True Digital Workplace I Andre Huizing

We found that 99 percent of organizations that have adopted at least one digital workplace solution have experienced business benefits.

5 Features to Make You More Productive on the Go If you’ve followed my blog for more than a few months, you know I love Evernote. It is an application I use every day. It’s not only my digital brain, it’s the main tool I use to implement my personal productivity system. But I’ve found myself using the mobile version of Evernote less and less […]

Why I Started Using Evernote Mobile Again

Avanade digital workplace SMEs describe how LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool is helping to make sellers more effective in today's digital world.

SMAC your employees with Digital HR

Cloud migration in the works? All of your applications don’t belong in the cloud, at least not in the first phase.

FOCUS ON SERVICES. En Focus On Services le ayudamos a determinar la madurez y los riesgos de cumplimiento de normas de los procesos de protección de datos, las operaciones y la arquitectura existentes en su empresa. Si desea obtener más información sobre los diferentes servicios que podemos ofrecerle en IT transformation, le invitamos a visitar nuestro sitio en internet. www.focusonservices.com.  #FocusOnServices

So, your firm has been trying to determine how to leverage a cloud-based solution for enterprise content management (ECM), thinking about what you need to do beforehand, and so on.

The Rise of the Internet of Things: How M2M Network Connectivity Is Driving The Growth Of Industries

Westbase Technology have just released a new infographic about the current and potential growth of technology and The Internet of Things (IoT) across f