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The Sherlock fandom its the to smart for its own good insane one. The Supernatural fandom its the funny "How did you do THAT! And the Doctor Who fandom keeps them all together. well we try.

Tumblr Explains Why "Sherlock" Needs To Come Back On The Air Right Now

And they actually are somewhat good representations of the fandoms :) Sherlock: brain damaged. Doctor Who: the brain. Supernatural: the strategic killer. Of course, there is so much more to each one, but this is then in a nut shell.

SuperWhoLock is now canon.  PINNING SO I CAN GO BACK AND VERIFY THIS. I've been fooled by photoshop before.

I would like to start this out with: This is real. People have verified and this is legit. Cas has been watching over the Doctor and Sherlock all the time. SuperWhoLock is canon! OH MY GOD ITS CANON!

SuperWhoLock tried, but they were foiled by Disney at the last possible moment!<<< Tbh SuperWhoLock still wins

31 Tumblr Posts Only True Disney Fans Will Appreciate

These posts captures things you never noticed and some of your favorite moments from Disney movies.

superpotter - iFunny :)

Marty Deeks (NCIS: Los Angeles) was born in so he is the same age as Dean Winchester and Hermione Granger.

Oh my gosh, you seriously do not know pain until you get super attached to a BBC character.

Part 18 (can't stop won't stop)

Dean, quit trying to throw yourself in danger's way. Sherlock, Rose and the Doctor clearly don't approve.

Dean, quit trying to throw yourself in danger's way. Sherlock, Rose and The Doctor clearly don't approve.

Might need to keep this handy.

Might need to keep this handy for Sherlock season And alliegant. And the fault in our stars