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Pet tiger...

Feeding time: Or feeds 28 stone female Siberian tiger Faye while giving her brother Shosho a scratch under the chin, at the Seaview Lion Park in Port Elizabeth


Look at the size of this shark next to the guy in the kayak. Not sure this guy will fond it awesome though lol

30 perfekt getimte Fotos, die dir den Tag versüßen

Funny pictures about Breaking The Water Surface Tension. Oh, and cool pics about Breaking The Water Surface Tension. Also, Breaking The Water Surface Tension photos.

How do I unsee this....THE STUFF OF NIGHTMARES. And people wonder why I hate going into the ocean....*shudders*

How do I unsee this?

So not a sea Spider. More like alien facehugger! Seriously though, its a concept facehugger that they never used from alien

Buceo en jaula cerca de los tiburones blancos en Gansbaai - Sudáfrica Una de las experiencias más emocionantes de la Reserva Natural privada de Grootbos, es el buceo en jaula cerca de los tiburones blancos en Gansbaai. Gansbaai tiene la reputación de ser la capital mundial del tiburón. Los buceadores y los aventureros viajan desde todo el mundo a Sudáfrica para avistar a esta magnífica criatura en las aguas alrededor de Dyer Island, cerca de Gansbaai.

Cage divers confront a great white shark on the Isla de Guadalupe. (Photo and caption by David Litchfield/Nature/National Geographic Someday I want to dive with sharks

This makes me say OMG! - over and over again.  Truly the thing of nightmares!

Taking a break Sasha stops to take in the view on 'Jack of All Trades' in Waterfall Boven, South Africa.

: Sky Walking, Mt. Nimbus, Canada.

Sky Walking, Mount Nimbus, British Columbia, Canada – Amazing Pictures - Amazing Travel Pictures with Maps for All Around the World

Shark in black and white.

Tasty Batch of Random Stuff, great white shark in the ocean Actually this is a Tiger Shark