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Follow that bubble - BabyCentre

There's something magical about bubbles, we never seem to get too old for them. This game is a great way to improve your toddler's gross and fine motor skills in a single 'blow'.

Sleight of hand - BabyCentre

Your toddler is old enough to grasp the concept of object permanence. Test out this skill and have a good laugh together with this simple guessing game.

Ring a-ring o'roses - BabyCentre

Well, your life has come full circle, because now that your child is finding herself able to move in ever more exciting ways (galloping .

The beat goes on - BabyCentre

You and your little one can hold your own private drumming session at home. It's a great bonding activity and your toddler will get a thrill out of hearing the sounds he makes.

Stopping for the roses - BabyCentre

Every now and then, it's nice to switch gears and go at our child's pace. This activity will help everyone slow down, while giving your toddler free rein to explore.

Doodle bug - BabyCentre

Now that she's developing her fine motor skills, your little one may be ready to put crayon to paper.

Scarf dance - BabyCentre

Dancing with your toddler is fun and adding scarves to the mix brings the entertainment to a whole new level.

Monkey motions - BabyCentre

You may not be familiar with those five mischievous monkeys who insist on jumping on the bed yet, but now you can introduce them to your toddler and help her develop her rhythm and .

Block party - BabyCentre

Believe it or not, building games will not only help him develop his fine motor skills, they'll also start laying down the foundation for maths.

Little chemist - BabyCentre

Toddlers love playing with water, and who can blame them? Set your toddler up with a few water-filled containers in the bath, or wait for a sunny day and bring the whole lot outside.

Knees and notes - BabyCentre

A beloved staple, this singing game has enthralled children for years and is a fabulous way to teach body parts (and co-ordination, too).

Master smear-maker - BabyCentre

Have you ever caught your toddler in the act of smearing food on her highchair tray or table?

Life's a ball - BabyCentre

Your toddler's co-ordination may be developed enough for her to stand on her own two feet and kick a ball. Now you can play baby football together!