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The itsy bitsy spider-man went up the water spout, down came the rain, and washed spider-man out. Up came the sun and dried up all the rain, and the itsy bitsy spider-man crawled up the spout again. ~The Honorable T-Rex~

26 More Spiderman Meme Pictures

26 More Spiderman Meme Pictures

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Spider, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Spiderman's Reminder: a Caption Contest by DaftGadgets

Spiderman's Reminder

Why Spider-Man doesn't eat rice. This is so sad but so funny. I'm so conflicted

Spider-man: "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility" 9 x 14 Print. $14.00, via Etsy.

With great hair comes great responsibility. Andrew Garfield has great hair.

Deadpool & Spiderman

23 Reasons Everyone Should Love Deadpool

Dead pool, from the episode Ultimate Deadpool in the show Ultimate Spiderman

Just Spiderman Being Awesome

Is that a knife? Yes it's a knife! Is that a real knife? You found my weakness! It's small knives

This is what I want to do every time I see a spider.

Helloo forget bout shooting elk iam a country girl who HATES spiders n il SHOOT SPIDERS nstead of yellin at my bro to cum kill it! Is ther such thing as a spider gun id wear it EVERYWERE? Hey Lee n Becca we all need spider killing pistols lol

epic couple! (great song by  Hugo ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onDh4P1cE2E  )

99 Problems & Aint 1 Shirts> I absolutely love this idea, hilarious!

Last minute panic/ Calvin and Hobbes

Funny pictures about The life of a college student. Oh, and cool pics about The life of a college student. Also, The life of a college student photos.

Bebek İsyanlarda

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