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American MP's escort a group of Germans captured in the assault on Schmidt



Wwii, Battle, World War Ii, World War Two

Wwii, Battle, Germany, World War Ii, Deutsch, World War Two

An abandoned sherman tank in the Bastogne area. 1945

An abandoned sherman tank in the Bastogne area.

Hurtgen gallery 4 Troops ride 3rd Armored Division tank destroyers up a narrow, muddy road in the Hürtgen Forest. The overall goal of the US advance in the German woodland was to pierce the forest, cross the Roer River, and reach the Rhine. But tangled woods, impassable roads, and dug-in enemy firepower turned the assault into a bloodbath.

battle of hurtgen forest photos - Bing Images Tank destroyers on the Kall Trail

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Unloading brush for bulkheads on the White River, 1927

7th Armored Division M4 Sherman Tank Eisenborn Germany 1945

European Center of Military History;

Gun emplacement An American artillery emplacement in the Hürtgen Forest.

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Sherman tanks mounted with howitzers open fire in a muddy field amid the Hürtgen Forest on November

17. September 1944 Private First Class Clifton C. Rhodes (links) und Leutnant Edwin O. Guthman der 339. Infanterie-Regiment / 85. Abteilung / American fünfte Armee-Wache in der Verteidigung von Hill 732 Position (Gothic-Linie), Grezzano, Italien, den neuen nur aus Deutschland entrissen. Sie benutzten Maschinengewehre MG 42 (Maschinengewehr 42) Beute aus den Händen seiner Feinde.

Battle of Hurtgen Forest - Two GI’s inspect a German machine gun position. Around the tunneled outpost are 2 field radio and telephone, rifles, helmets, ammunition, and multiple grenades.