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Golden Boy by eddie-mendoza

Golden Boy by eddie-mendoza weapon gun future equipment gear magic item

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Vintage design fictions - radio that transforms into a gun. & is the Weapon& Radio Gun :: Music Is The Weapon

Hand held RAILGUN: looks like something straight out of metal gear

Hand held RAILGUN: I want this because of... Reasons

Rail gun revolver maybe in the future but probably not

These Men Design Video Game Guns for a Living

These Men Design Video Game Guns for a Living

rmory Studios occupy a fascinating little niche in the video game concept art business: they specialise in the design of firearms.


I imagine Kit carries someting like this (but probably shorter) that is made by her family's weapons division. - Concept manta gun/pistol by *peterku on deviantART - sci-fi weapon

Loading that magazine is a pain! Get your Magazine speedloader today! http://www.amazon.com/shops/raeind

Cool Yes I know it's a SMG pinned to semi-auto rifles. Finish on this gun looks sweet!

оружие второй мировой войны сша - Поиск в Google

Some of my favorite things. Carbine, Browning BAR M M 1918 M 1918 guns