Dresser- maybe just a different color

DIY: vintage chevron & yellow striping on an old dresser. Easy way to spruce up a dull piece and add some color and fun up your space.

Old dresser, refinished, top drawers removed and replaced with shelf, makes a great console table for behind the couch

take out the top drawers and make a shelf in the dresser. perfect for behind a couch in the living room, Ayla's dresser would be perfect for this! We don't use the top drawers anyway!

School of Restoration: Ombre Accent Chair from Nine Red

Shades-of-Blue Ombre — ombre fades are everywhere! I hope the trend continues; I think everything could benefit from a little ombre experimentation. I love the three-tone fade on this ombre dining chair tutorial from Jesse Dresbach of Nine Red Design.

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Vintage handpainted red chest by MeredithMBrooks via Etsy. Minus the hand painting. Love the orangey red.

Reimajine Painted Furniture Massachusetts | FURNITURE Dresser to seating

I love the paint job on this piece. Jill and Ron from Reimajine share how they created this DIY desk to bench conversion from reclaimed wood and other materials!

Белые полки, желтый комод

Buy a cheap walmart bookcase, cover the inside with fabric or cute paper, assemble without the bottom piece and set on top of a painted dresser

dramatic dresser redos: Get the full how-to from Camille Styles (a Snug favorite) here VIA TS on This Old APT

The Snug Is Now a Part of

Transform Dressers With Paint: How cool are these ideas for dressing up your dressers? Thanks to a coat of white paint, gold spray paint, and shiny new knobs, this old dresser will shine brightly like a diamond.

34 DIY headboard ideas @ Adorable Decor : Beautiful Decorating Ideas!Adorable Decor : Beautiful Decorating Ideas!

34 DIY headboard ideas

get inspired by these creative diy headboard design ideas, bedroom ideas, home decor, 34 DIY Headboard Ideas

My Repurposed Life--how to make a bench from an old dresser

Pretty Headboard Bench

I think this is such a neat idea, turning an old dresser into a bench! Check it out on My Repurposed Life! Related Creative Ways to Use Those Fallen Ways to Reuse K-CupsDIY: Turn an Old Crib into a Kids Craft TableEasy DIY: T-Shirt Scarves

Glowing bed

DIY Glowing Pallet Bed What?s really fun about using pallets for a bed is that you get some nice open spaces beneath the bed that you can light up with LED light ropes. You could also create some sort of drawer system too for extra storage if you?

Vintage dresser (turned changing table) painted in a bold pop of yellow, with grey walls provides a perfect serene backdrop for the other more neutral elements.

Knox's Vintage Modern Safari Nursery

I love this bright yellow dresser. It is being used as a baby changing table/baby dresser in a kid's room . But they aren't using that tacky kitschy baby furniture, that only gets used for a few months. This totally rocks!