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Theo Prins art work and concept   http://www.theoprins.com/

Forget Wallpaper, This Art Deserves a Good Frame and a Spot on Your Wall

Need some inspiration for the weekend? Check the beautiful concepts art made by Theo Prins, concept artist at ArenaNet See Also on IT'S ART : Guild Wars 2

Photo-Collages Vintages par Merve Özaslan

Photo-Collages Vintages par Merve Özaslan

"Gate" By Gediminas Pranckevicius. This piece utilizes his very delicate style. This is so lonely, yet hopeful. His works I find very relatable and definitely inspire my own works.

artissimo: “gate by gediminas pranckevicius Spectrum The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art ”

Amazing Digital Illustrations by Isabel Arenas

Incredible Digital Artwork from the Mind of RHADS

Digital artist Artem Rhads Cheboha has created an amazing series of digital artworks depicting fantasy scenes of flying whales and other sea creatures above the clouds.

Ok so my crush loves batman and has asthma. So me and my friend were all like: "What if he was batman!" And I was like: "He would be like this: *high pitch voice* Stop right there citizen! *uses inhaler* I'm Batman! *uses inhaler* I'm gonna come get you! *walks fast* *uses inhaler* Aw man I'm out!" Me and my friend couldn't stop laughing! We did eventually tell him though XD -Katie Espinosa

Illustration inspiration

Eddy Newell - The dark and intriguing superheros illustrations by Eddy Newell are powerful and cool because of the somber and melancholic tone they transmit to c.

Matt Dixon's Lonely Robots My Lonely Robots Experiencing The Quiet Wonder Of The World | Bored Panda

My Lonely Robots Experiencing The Quiet Wonder Of The World

Wallpapers and Artworks — Lonely Robot Concept Art By Matt Dixon .

The Premonition by Michael Vincent Manalo. I just like this painting... its peaceful in a sense to me.

Michael Vincent Manalo is a Taiwan-based photographer and digital artist. This piece is titled "The Premonition". You can view more of Michael's work through Saatchi Art. Images courtesy of Michael Vincent Manalo