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Old fashioned bicycles. Via: Kovacs Joco'

A lifetime of pictures by Baltimore’s A. Aubrey Bodine goes on sale - The Washington Post

Sean Denham & Renovo’s Wood Frame Bicycle | It Was All a Dream

Sean Denham & Renovo’s Wood Frame Bicycle

New riding mower

Laziness has reached new heights…

Interesting Idea on cutting the grass and exercise at same time. Not that cutting the grass isn't exercise enough. An improved riding lawn mower! This is how the riding lawn mower should be

"Ordinary Penny-farthing" ca 1876

1878 52″ Ordinary (’Penny Farthing’)


Crazy Horse uploaded this image to & Cruiser Bicycle with Sidecar& See the album on Photobucket.

Tandem Fat Bike || via Steven Wilke #fatbike #bicycle

The Boar 2016 the most innovative electric fat bike …the combination of fat tires and electric assist doesn’t just work, it’s an absolute game-changer.

A breakdown of the Wild Dragster bike from the July 1969 issue of Popular Mechanics.

Zaz Von Schwinn uploaded this 1969 Popular Mechanics diagram showing the specs for a spectacular dragster bicycle with all the trimmings. Popular Mechanics July 1969 page 152 (Thanks, Fipi Lele!