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Cai Guo-Qiang -'Heritage' / Falling Back to Earth 2013

Cai Guo-Qiang -'Heritage' / Falling Back to Earth 2013

The appearance of an ageing population during the 20th century sprang from a doubling of life expectancy and the halving of the birth rate. A consequence of the socio-economic and healthcare processes triggered by modernity, this phenomenon is known to demographers as the "second demographic transiction": the only possible evolution of an advanced society.

Today we bring you a series of images by German photographer, Peter Granser, titled Sun City. “Sun City” is a series about a retirement colony in the Ameri



Divine (as Dawn Davenport) in John Waters’ Female Trouble, 1974

A Bespecticled Divine (aka Harris Glenn Milstead 1945 actor, actress, singer, drag queen, performer Un poco de humor!

Arlene Gottfried www.arlenegottfried.com

Photography Arlene Gottfried, courtesy of Daniel Cooney Fine Art

Image de tree, house, and light

ultraserafina: “Across the street.