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So true.

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#MusicFreedom #HaterGonnaHate I hope you learned you lesson, STOP IT WITH THE SLUT SHAMING.  I was a man in a past life with a bad karma.  I reincarnated in a woman’s body to fix it.

Nothing like a woman with a brilliant mind & a filthy mouth.well, 1 out of

Unless you have a three day weekend...

Monday is My Least Favorite Day of The Week. unfortunately it seems as though there are 4 mondays in my week: Sunday Monday Monday Monday Monday Friday Saturday.

 SO me! HAHA!

We are intelligent, classy, well-educated women who say FUCK a lot!

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At first sight it was I love you with all my heart.now that my butt is bigger.I love you with all my butt!

Lol!!   See, i'm doing it now!

I'm the type of girl that will burst out laughing at something that happened yesterday. So me i will laugh at something that happened two years ago.

I know right?!!!

And most of the time I verbally give my opinion.don't want my opinion, don't talk so loud😉

loyalty, trust, honesty, integrity, values, character, & strength is soo much sexier than liars, fakers, actors of convenience & cowards

A man has two options in a relationship. Either stand up and be the man she needs, or sit down so she can see the one behind you .

Two kinds of people in this world

Two kinds of people- I am the second kind. Also, are there any careers where you don't have to wake up early?

I have no fucking time for negative people

Words - Inspiration - I have no time for your negative bullshit - negativity

I don't know what's up with the grammar of this post, but nevertheless, it is a wonderful checklist of life.

An Econ Teacher Gave His Senior High School Students His Personal List Of Wisest Words?ref=pinp nn An econ teacher gave his senior high school students his personal list of wisest words….and they make a lot of sense.


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A most appropriate mantra before riding.

Grant me the serenity. Pardon the bad words But I thought this was pretty darn funny at the end with the 'train of awesome' part.