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I love Brendon

I love Brendon<< and on a similar note, if you see kinky boots or know someone who is going to see kinky boots tell them to leave him alone. He's already had enough panic attacks and you know he loves us.

My mom and dad always make jokes about my bands and some are actually funny and I need a tumblr cx

My Chemical Steady Relationship "When I was an old girl my mother took my to the country to see a marching band She said daughter when I somehow am old Will you not be the savior for anything and just be a jerk to everyone.


XD yes just yes I'd be best friends with green day, paramore, fall out boy, panic! at the disco, and my chemical romance! then i would actually like to go to school xD

I didn't need my heart anyways

:( so true. thats the problem with some bands well.This makes me so sad!

By shared artists of Panic! At The Disco and the members of Fall Out Boy

By Fall Out Boy, feat. At The Disco feat. My Chemical Romance starring Green Day