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Favourite Comicbook - Dramatic (1977) : X-Men

Great Comic Book Covers — Uncanny X-Men by Dave Cockrum (Featuring.

1st Omega Red- X-Men 4

X-Men First Appearance of Omega Red. - Fantastic Jim Lee art and I quite liked Omega Red as a villain.

While we're waiting for "Iron Man 3": The Mandarin "rings" Shellhead's neck after his latest attempt to sabotage Stark's plant - disguised as a union rabble-rouser - fails after his lame disguise of "Gene Kahn" is exposed (get it: it's an Americanization of Genghis Khan). There'll be no wrath of Khan on Stark's watch!

Iron Man 57 - Marvel Comics Group - Approved By The Comics Code - Superhero - Mandarin Strikes Back - Till Im Dead

Uncanny X-Men #138. Cyclops leaves the X-Men!

Top Five John Byrne X-Men Covers X-Men Another classic X-Men cover that has been homaged many times over the years…