The speed of technology

▶ "The Magic Fridge" Super Bowl XL Commercial - YouTube

From superbowl XL we have the magic fridge commercial. Honestly one of my favorite ad's ever. Considering this amazing if this could actually happen. Plus it gives the illusion that beer is that desirable.

Several eTrade Baby Commercials

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I wish it was socially acceptable to throw water balloons at people who annoy me. Like, I don't want to hurt you, but I do want to ruin your day.

Maybe I could do this under the guise of 'Kinder water play'. Top 5 Ads of 2009 (Super Bowl XLIII) by Ken Phipps. The TOP 5 Super Bowl  Advertisements of 2009. Visit  to see more. has the latest news, previews of the Super Bowl commercials and a in depth history of Super Bowl advertising.

Take these broken wings.(I love these E-Trade babies) sokolich