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If I Had One Hour To Live…

If I Had One Hour To Live...

One of the most annoying songs ever has a deeper meaning? I almost have an appreciation for it now. Almost.

The truth about Friday.

the song Friday is really about the assassination of JFK. who cares about things like 'facts' and 'being correct' and 'history'. pretty sure this song is the new 'true'. I like this song a little better now!

I enjoyed drawing this because I just love puns. XD Do you guys remember my other one (if not, here~)?

Funny pictures about Compliment fishers. Oh, and cool pics about Compliment fishers. Also, Compliment fishers.

Exactly why I only use words that I know the meaning of, lol!

I laughed my head off when I read this! So me. I'll ask after using a word in a sentance, ;Did I use that word right?Did I pronounce that right?

Birth Control

Funny pictures about Birth control effectiveness. Oh, and cool pics about Birth control effectiveness. Also, Birth control effectiveness.

Misophonia - My BIGGEST pet peeve is people who chew with their mouth open, smack their lips, and chew loudly... Literally  drives me crazy!

Misophonia: literally the hatred of consistant sounds; chewing/crunching or repeating of same noise. Pet peeve when someone says "I'm not chewing with my mouth open" or "I'm not smacking" -.

Lol! So true! Candy crush...

Life story with video games that have tough levels! Then I vow to never play said level again, then I beat he game, start a new file, and when I get to it, it isn't as hard LOL

Whoever sent this text to a random number.....I'm gonna do this too

26 People That Prove Boredom Breeds Brilliance

26 People That Prove Boredom Breeds Brilliance When It Comes To Random Texting: -"dOk"

Make The Ouch Go Away - Someone please help me make this ouchie go away.