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You’re wearing star-patterned black and white pants and three dresses—a purple one, a red one and a striped one—and you’ve informed me that you look amazing. I ask you, “If you were a dinosaur, wha…

A Letter Of Advice To My Adult Daughter, Inspired By Her 3-Year-Old Self

Here is a letter of advice to my daughter when she reaches adulthood.

Sheer genius.  I am going to have to hang onto this idea!!!

If you think parenting is tough, these tips are just the thing for you. These amazing tricks and tips will make your parenting life a lot easier and even fun.

Need some help figuring out if the bunny goes through the hole or over it? Here's a How-To on tying shoelaces

Teach your kids to tie shoelaces

New Baby Sign for the front door.  Blogpost - My Biggest Birth Plan Regret // CanDoKiddo.com

My Biggest Birth Plan Regret

This is a good article about a post birth plan - My Biggest Birth Plan Regret. Limiting visitors after birth!

It's hot out there! Pregnant mamas, take note!

10 Ways Pregnant Women Can Stay Cool This Summer

crabby abbey - cute & trendy baby clothes  dating baby suit thing

Brandon would love this for our daughter someday! :) "I'm not allowed to date.

You should be aware of this!

if a thief forces you to take money from an atm, punch your pin in reverse. the moment you punch in the reverse, the money will come out but will be stuck in the machine & the machine will immediately alert the police without the theifs knowledge.

iphone-compatible baby monitor (to be released this fall). we will be getting this.

The Most Unusual Smartphone Add-Ons

iphone-compatible baby monitor (to be released this fall). LOVE the idea, but I wonder if other people can pick up MY baby monitor on thier iPhone?

Wish I had these when my 2 eldest started loosing teeth!!!

This baby tooth album is a nice way to display and save baby teeth. 31 Products Every Parent Of A Growing Child Will Want