Paper Hand Folded Lantern - Disc Light Chain

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Origami crane lantern at a Mino Lantern Festival in Japan - that's a lot of cranes!

DIY: Dimensional Paper Lanterns 2

DIY: Dimensional Paper Lantern #2

These flower paper lanterns / candle holders are so easy to make! The set has color glow! Perfect decorations for home & weddings!

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50 DIY Paper Christmas Ornaments To Create With The Kids Tonight!

DIY Geometric Paper Ornaments - Set of 8 Cut-and-Fold Paper Polyhedra Templates from Field Guide Design

Homemade-Paper-Lanterns  So simple and easy, this DIY is definitely making its way to my wedding decor

How To Make Homemade Paper Lanterns

How To Make Homemade Paper Lanterns Super easy. Saw one where they decorated store bought white lanterns with lace doilies. Books of scrapbook paper are relatively cheap. And so are those tea lights

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Paper Lantern Craft: How To Make Paper Lanterns (Easy Paper Crafts For Kids!