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Don’t Overlook Seniors in Your Next Digital Advertising Campaign

Seniors using Internet, Social Networks, Smartphones and Digital Video consumption as compared to overall user base (US)

Newsflash: Digital Advertising is on the Rise

Digital advertising is on the rise, and continues to complement print campaigns

The Emergence of Mobile Coupons in Digital Advertising

As more consumers begin to use smartphones, mobile coupons are emerging as a productive digital advertising platform for marketers.

Majority of US Internet Users Will Redeem Digital Coupons in 2013 The US digital coupon user audience continues to grow at a steady pace. Due to a higher-than-expected number of people redeeming digital coupons in the first half of 2013, eMarketer has increased our forecast from our earlier projections.

The digital coupon audience is growing faster than expected Many US consumers adopted a frugal mindset during the recession, stretching the.

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Smart Mobile Devices Account for Small Share of TV Viewing - eMarketer

How Digital Behavior Differs Among Millennials, Gen Xers and Boomers - eMarketer, Mar 21, 2013  http://www.emarketer.com/Article/How-Digital-Behavior-Differs-Among-Millennials-Gen-Xers-Boomers/1009748#

How Digital Behavior Differs Among Millennials, Gen Xers & Boomers frm cc

Half of US Mobile Users to Play Games in 2013 The mobile gaming audience is growing rapidly, especially on smartphones. As more play games on mobile, revenues from downloads, in-game purchases and in-game ads are also rising fast, and set to reach $1.78 billion this year

Half of US Mobile Users to Play Games in 2013 - eMarketer

Women were slightly more likely than men to turn to social media while watching TV, traveling and exercising, and significantly more likely to do so while shopping. Men, meanwhile, were less hesitant to check in with their networks while at work. They also admitted to a much greater propensity to use social media while drunk or on the toilet than women.

Social Media and Multitasking Go Hand in Hand - eMarketer

Nearly half of business-to-business (B2B) marketers worldwide expect their marketing budgets to increase this year, while just 17% say they’ll decrease. That’s according to ITSMA polling conducted in February 2015, which found that overall, budgets were expected to increase 4.4%.

Allocation of 2015 Services Marketing Budget According to Marketers Worldwide (% of total)

30% of US connected TV viewers visited an ad’s website post-exposure, and a quarter considered the advertised product for purchase. Other popular actions included searching for more information both in-store and online (26%), “liking” or following a product or brand (25%) and clicking directly on the ad to learn more (23%).

Actions US Connected TV Viewers Have Taken After Viewing Ads* on Their Connected TV, June 2012 (% of respondents)

Share of Time Spent with Social Media Among US Social Media Users, by Device and Age, Q3 2016 (% of total)

How to Optimize Video for Different Social Media Channels - Guaripete Solutions