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Grammar, Grammar, Grammar

Stop clubbing, baby seals! Stop clubbing baby, Seals! Clubbing baby seals (and I can't make you a sandwich right now). Punctuation makes all the difference.

The comma has power.

The comma has power. Has blade named Sting. Has blade, named Sting.

Grammar matters. ;)

Dear Public Sign Creator, Do you remember when you got an F- in English back in middle school?looks like you owe me 50 bucks now. Sincerely Yours ~ 50 Bucks Richer - spelling matters

Grammar nazism: it's not for everyone. #grammarnazi #punctuation

Punctuate Sentences, Not People

There is a subtle difference between sarcasm and irony. Sarcasm: That sure is a nice question mark, Grammar Nazi Irony: Why did they misspell, "Congrat

that wacky semi colon

20 Wordplay Jokes For Grammar Nerds

'Yes, a winky face is correct. But in ancient times, the semicolon was actually used to separate archaic written devices known as 'complete sentences.'' by Fishman, Loren "Back in the old days when I taught school.

You may well ask me why…I took the time to write [books]. I can only reply that I do not know. There was no why about it. I had to: that was all.  George Bernard Shaw

Funny New Year's Ecard: For my new year's resolution, I promise to stop correcting your terrible spelling and focus more on your horrific grammar.

The difference between "good" and "well"

The 50 Most Important Lessons Learned From "30 Rock"

I'm doing good. You doin' well. You need to study your grammar, son. My biggest pet peeve

Seriously one of my biggest pet peeves - the misuse of your for you're.

I'm a freak about it.