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undertale, sassy sans trikes again, wd gaster, comic sans, would have been funnier with wing dings font

Sans gEt triggered

Poor Sans he is the only one who remembers the resets and Gaster

undertale, sans, gaster, papyrus, ketchup<<so thiiiiiiis is why..... Ohhhhhh<< Gaster why

undertale, sans, gaster, papyrus, ketchup<<so thiiiiiiis is why. Ohhhhhh<< Gaster why<<< ikr?

so both one and two of this comic was inspired by this song...soon I will get to Outertale!Gaster song---->www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsoUa1… part1: bunnymuse.deviantart.com/art/I…

Nerds by Bunnymuse on DeviantArt gaster !

I am Sans

I figured I’d join the meme train XD don’t swear in front of the cinnamon roll!and that was the first and last time Papyrus ever swore because after he learned it was a bad word he didn.

Undertale, sans' lazy tuesdays

On Tuesdays during Cub Enrichment, I have WEB/ASB. I'm not in ADV, and Tuesday, ASB holds a meeting in my cub room like it's a freaking court case, and I'm just sitting here staring at the clock.

I actually really liked this. well done undertale fandom. you're not dead yet.

well done undertale fandom. you're not dead yet.<<<We'll never die. And if we do, we can always reset ^-^

Flashlight by chaoticshero on DeviantArt

Flashlight by chaoticshero on DeviantArt>>>If you guys didn't know. The yellow eye is his "special attack" thing.

How could I possibly be mad? by TheBombDiggity666.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

"How could I have been mad at him? I know that I should have been, but in all honestly, I found it quite impressive. How could I possibly be mad?

Sans Papyrus Frisk star wars I am your brother

Papyrus felt his heart broken when he heard sans asking where is his brother Part 1 over here: Click ------------------------------------ Wow. PAP-VADER vs SANS-JEDI- Part 2

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me playing the game pretty much

Just a little continuation of Day 10 that was floating in my mind for a while. 

a mid-core gaster, able to decapitate himself at will.