An Indian-looking font

Devanagari font

Devine Town is based on the Indian font, Devanagari. Character styles were manipulated to create roman letterforms. The initial concept was to fuse together two completely different cultures through typography.

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Absinthe is an Art Nouveau inspired typeface, set in a balance of retro curls and straight lines. Available in three cuts: regular, italic and flourish.

Alphabet of the Necromancer Common Tongue by Sathiest-Emperor on DeviantArt

From my books. This is the alphabet of the common tongue, the language of everyday life in the Necromantic Empire Spent a long time writing . Alphabet of the Necromancer Common Tongue

devanagari typography by chitra gohad

I wanted to design Devnagari alphabets more forcefully and energetic and express my subject i. Utsav ( celebration ) through typography.

Letterhead Fonts / Safire / Decorative Fonts

Sharp points and curves give this typeface by Denise Bayers a stylishly twisted allure. Use the Regular versions alone or finish your design with the lined Shadow versions. When used together, the outcome is a perfect drop shadow effect.

Edible bling? Ethnic-inspired party favours!

REAL PARTIES: "Bollywood Bling" Theme

Bird from Bird Crafts created such a fun, vibrant celebration for her wedding anniversary this year! The party had an ultra-colorful "BOLLYWOOD BLING" the