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Treating a rattlesnake bite is an important thing to know how to do when you're adventuring in regions that rattlesnakes inhabit.

Fasciotomy to relieve Compartment Syndrome resulting from a rattlesnake bite. The snake venom caused the muscles on the bitten arm to swell uncontrollably which can lead to something called compartment syndrome.

That is one large fasciotomy! Like how you can see all the muscles really clearly in this. Apparently done to relieve pressure from a snake bite

What type of dangers would you expect from a brown recluse spider? The brown recluse venom is extremely poisonous, even more potent than that of a rattlesnake. Yet recluse venom causes less disease than a rattlesnake bite because of the small quantities injected into its victims. The venom of the brown recluse is toxic to cells and tissues. (A friend was bitten on the leg by a Brown Recluse and required intense medical treatment. She had an indentation in her leg due to tissue destruction.)

Brown Recluse venom is extremely poisonous/more potent than a rattlesnake

<3:-) Rattlesnake venom is a hemotoxin that is carried by the circulatory system and can cause severe damage to tissue.  A skin graft, using tissue removed from the victim's leg, was used to cover the opening in his arm. :O

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What do you think?

What do you think?

Victorian nurse

Victorian era nurse wearing a utilitarian chatelaine.I'm glad the "uniform" has changed!

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A pediatric nurse manages to smile despite the foul-smelling diaper of a neonate. A pediatric nurse appreciates the vigorous cry of an infant.

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☤ MD ☞ ☆☆☆ New Year Babies! Nurses showing the eleven babies that were born on New Year’s Day 1933 in a hospital in Berlin, Germany.

A nurse holding a lamp as she visits patients on a ward at Westminster Hospital, December 1940 (b/w photograph) - © Mirrorpix / Bridgeman Images

A St. Paul nurse attends to a baby in an incubator.    Date Circa 1945

Paul Hospital on Bryan Street, nurse attends to baby in incubator :: Dallas Medical Images,