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Mastering Multiplication With Otter Creek {Rocket Math}

Rocket Math-Progress Tracker & Certificates                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Rocket Math-Progress Tracker & Certificates

Fun interactive activity for students to display different multiplication arrays.

Multiplication array chart: This would be THE coolest thing for a team to post in the hallway. Kids can contribute array illustrations for the chart. Maybe our team can do this next week.

"rocket math" mastery chart also the site has a great idea of how to keep Rocket Math organized and less paper.

Rockin' Teacher Materials: rocket chart Kate Runder, This made me think of you!

PosterEnvy's Exclusive Divisibility Rules Educational Poster for Math Classrooms with FREE SHIPPING on US orders!

Divisibility Rules - Math Poster great mat hints for the classroom.or student math notebook!

Math Power Towers (If they know the fact, they can stack it up and try to build the biggest tower possible out of 40 facts).

Math Power Towers-answer math fact correctly and continue to stack cups. Reading Power towers-name words correctly and stack a cup. Much more fun than flash cards!

Math Coach's Corner: A Peek Inside: There's Nothing Alien About Multiplication

Using a Workshop Approach for Math

Math Coach's Corner: Math workstations are flexible, reusable, and allow for differentiation. Read more and grab a freebie!

3rd Grade Gridiron: Fun Math Games

Grade Gridiron: Slides and Ladders multiplication game. The link to this is dead but I think it could be easily replicated.