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TY Beanie Baby Captain SpongeBob

TY Beanie Baby Captain SpongeBob * Continue to the product at the image link.

Patrick: Are you Squidward? *silence* It's okay, take your time.

The classic, sophisticated humor of classic Spongebob; Why can't they go back to this ~~ Patrick Star haha silly, that not squidward

#spongebob #1

SpongeBob Dont Do Logic - Im pinning this strictly for the band picture. A trumpet? Sandy is def playing a saxophone with a helmet on.<< Pinning because I had the exact same thought! How could that be mistaken for a trumpet?

This is how I feel when I am climbing or geologizing :)

Funny pictures about Spongebob and his rock. Oh, and cool pics about Spongebob and his rock. Also, Spongebob and his rock.

[Sponge-Bob]  I decided to play around with some of the MOTUC bodies I have laying around and thought it would be fun to to a MOTU style Spongebob Squarepants. I used a Snout Spout body, Hordak skirt, Spongebob toy for the head, and made a spatula from the Snout spout axe. I drilled various sized holes all over the body, put it all together and painted him. hope you guys enjoy him!

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