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I wonder if the things that remind me of you remind you of me -- Postsecret

What you should know :

"What women should know: a man who truly loves you will never let you go no matter how hard the situation is. What men should know: a woman who truly loves you will get angry at you for so many things but will still stick around." SO FREAKING TRUE!


Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly Quote by Rose Franken I love this

Everyday Should Be A Good Day To Die

None of us are actually afraid of the dark; we are scared of what it conceals from us. We're afraid of having something with the potential to hurt us standing right before our eyes and not registering it as a threat. people can be like that, too.

The right man vs the wrong man

The right man vs the wrong man

Facts. about. me.

Every night I stay up past past etc. Not because I’m not tired. Not because I want to tweak on those social networking sites. Because I am tired, I want to sleep. But I can’t because my mind runs like crazy. It over thinks, over analyzes things

I see truth in this. maybe just memories.  but we still played a part.

"You are a piece of the puzzle in someone else's life. You may never know where you fit, but others will fill the holes in their lives with pieces of you." ---this is beautiful.

I see when men love women. They give them but a little of their lives. But women when they love give everything.

Irish Love Quotes

Irish writer Oscar Wilde on love. Oscar was a genius about everything.

Something to think about.  #lazy #upgrades #money

Money only impresses lazy girls. When a woman works hard, a man with money is a bonus, not a ladder to upgrade - Quote - Money isn't everything -

I wish I could have predicted the end. But even if I had, I wouldn't change the time we had.

Don’t be afraid to give your best at what seemingly are smal

I have had far too many of these kinds of people in my life and most of them I can't even say I'm happy our paths crossed. I'd been better off on a totally different path I'm sure!