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Great Bulletin Board Idea for when we do all of our Celestial Movement Unit!

Describe your pinShoot for the moon bulletin board for space/astronauts/planets, etc. Affix a star with each student's name around the edges, leaving paper-sized gaps in between as a way to display work!

Katie being cute in the bloopers (gif) You know, I could probably count the times that Morgana has actually laughed in the entire show on one hand.

Katie being cute in the bloopers (gif) Dude what board do I out this in?

So cute! DIY instructions on making this cute ironing board. My son will know how to iron and perhaps this is the first step! Actually, First step step -- Mom needs to go to Wood Shop and learn some construction skills.

How-To: Child Sized Ironing Board

Squishy parfumé représentant 3 pandas

Squishies, Father, Kawaii, Pai, Kawaii Cute

oh, is that so katie?

Q:"If you could have any magical creature as a pet, what would it be?" BBC Merlin Cast Funny because he is basically their pet merlin :)

My sister-in-law gave me this square board with all different kinds of ribbons on it.  At first I didn’t know what to do with it and it took me a little while to decide.  Then, it finally came to m...

My Sun Glasses Holder!

Sunglass storage - ribbons wrapped around a canvas. Add a horizontal ribbon for sunglasses to the hair bow area

laundry rooms

10 Must Have Laundry Room Organization Ideas

Drying Rack Made From A Ladder. This is such a clever idea, the ladder serves as a drying rack and for hanging clothes. What a space saver plus it looks beautiful!

But, like, can we talk about how she actually freacking did this?

10 Features That Attract Men The Most

Pidge Katie Matt holt Siblings Pidge is stronger