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g*rated: Square Foot Garden & Hinged Door Cage

Enjoy gardening with your grandkids and protect your plants from the critters- Square Foot Garden & Hinged Door Cage

Fence Boxes House

PVC Framed Garden Box Enclosures - Of Mice and Mountain Men Blog - GRIT Magazine

In this second part of my discussion on garden fence boxes, we’ll look at how I built the boxes for my garden.

Nancy's Square Foot Garden: Squared and Planted: Cage

We put the grid across the top of the garden box to make it an official square foot garden. The squares look awfully small. It will be int.

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salad box from my own garden at willow. i surround my seasonal greens in a chicken-wire cage, complete with a top lid, to keep out all the furry creatures who like to eat them as much as me! - Gardening And Living

Raised Bed Cover

10 Brilliant PVC Projects for Your Homestead

DIY Raised Bed Protective Cover [Tutorial] : keep deer, birds, and other critters from eating your garden!

Garden Fence Boxes - cool idea! by janie claypool

Garden Fencing (easy instructions) - - - Fencing around a garden primarily serves one purpose: keeping pests out. Before choosing a type of fence, you need to decide which pests are likely to be a bother to you and select an appropriate style of fencing.

45 best raised garden covering images on Pinterest | Raised beds, Gardens and Raised gardens

Pinner: My husband designed this cover to keep squirrels & rabbits out of our raised vegetable beds. It is made from PVC pipe, PVC fittings & chicken wire.

fencing and steaks much easier than cx wire and dowels

Official Start to Summer

DIY Raised Garden Bed Easy & cheap way to keep animals such as cats & dogs from going into your garden. If you have multiple raised beds, you can use this fencing all around the perimiter of your gar (Diy Garden Bed)

PVC and netting to cover blueberry bush. (we have one and last year the birds got ALL the berries before they ripened...we have to do something about that)

hardware cloth: PVC and netting to cover blueberry bush. (we have one and last year the birds got ALL the berries before they ripened.we have to do something about that) - we are planting blueberry this year. I would be mad if the birds ate them all.

Really like these frames and the colour - bird and cat proof

I have decided to rename my kitchen garden. I'm going to call it the potager. Surely this French word for kitchen garden has to have been.

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A few years ago, through the countryside of Bulgaria, I noticed how strikingly similar the landscape was to that of central Virginia. I also noticed that nearly every home had a garden plot, a grap…