kawaii anime turtles by *RabbidAttack on deviantART

Tmnt just me

chibi Ninja Turtles rachel - Google Search

Nice use of Leo, Raph lol

morning by RingingT on deviantART

morning by RingingT on deviantART that is funny stuph

teenage mutant ninja turtles turtle tots - Google Search

teenage mutant ninja turtles turtle tots - Google Search

TMNT - Grandpa Splinter by Myrling.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

TMNT - Grandpa Splinter by Myrling on DeviantArt <<< I cant imagine Raph being a dad, it's too weird

You're Back by kora-kristou777.deviantart.com on @deviantART

I total ship Leo and Karai😍😘

Turtle Tots React - Yucky Food by Myrling.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt | TMNT 2012

Turtle Tots React - Yucky Food by Myrling

-RUN- by Emaberry

-RUN- by Emaberry

Cartoon & Co - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT)

Mikey is eating pizza,Donnie is making a formula,Leo is just sitting there,and Raph is holding them all up!*** TMNT why is Raph mad if I could do that I would be happy

#wattpad #de-todo secuela de Cuatro Tortugas Adolescentes Para Una Chica Diferente? en esta historia Leonardo regresara después de 5 años a Nueva York para volver con el amor de su vida (Aura) quien tiene a su hija Miyuki quien considera a Raphael como su padre, cuando Leonardo regresa se da cuenta de todo lo que pa...

Ámame Como Antes (TMNT) - Capitulo 6

masterscarecrowhead: And also I felt like trying to draw Donnie and I totally ship this mmhmm *shot*<<< Dude I look just long her but with more teeth and less dorky and yeah.

They Wouldn't Understand #tmnt #raph #leo

About your crush on Karai Leo cos I understand

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Heartwarming times with Mikey and Donnie

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At first I was like AWWWW!! Then at the end I was like you go Donnie!!!!!!!! Pore Leo /:

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Well, technically, Leo and Karai aren't related. She's the biological daughter of his adopted after, yes, but she was raised by her uncle. And he's a turtle.

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TMNT Love their expression - so fitting.

Turtle Tots React - Thunder by Myrling.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Turtle Tots React - Thunder by Myrling on DeviantArt