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Why Men Shouldn't Write Advice Columns.

Funny pictures about Why men shouldn't write advice columns. Oh, and cool pics about Why men shouldn't write advice columns. Also, Why men shouldn't write advice columns.

Invisible shopping cart

I have this invisible shopping cart to steal stuff. Because i got no pocket to stick me wallet in.

Invisible lawnmower

Cats see thing we don’t? Perhaps these funny pictures of cats and the “invisible” stuff will help you out with the answer. I’ve seen dozens of pictures with invisible lol-ca…

Invisible piano

Hey there! Here's some great photos of lolcats and. some invisible things! Have fun! Please, stay.

Explorer Barbie in hot water.

I knew my trolls had other motives. No wonder my sister's barbies went missing once the troll dolls came into the picture.

Invisible text message breakup

Invisible text message break up (it's Katy Purry being dumped by Russel Brand)