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....and I found Doug!

and I found Doug!

Adding the U in Fashion :)

Adding the U in Fashion :)

The woman wears the dress. Don't let the dress wear the woman.


Sadly we don't think this simple, we don't think of simply letting go of the sad things in our lives. It's like we thrive on keeping negativity in our hearts.

Such a lovely saying

East of india rainbow motto saying picture sign stars

When it rains look for Rainbows. When it's dark look for Stars.Such a lovely saying


"Keep your thoughts positive. your words positive. your behavior positive. your habits positive. your values positive.

Be happy.

be happy not because every thing's perfect nor because everything goes our way. be happy because everything sucks but you are doing just fine

you get out what you put in. ALWAYS REMEMBER

she loved life by LiveableBeauty on Etsy. "She loved life and it loved her right back." {celebrate her passion} -Kobi Yamada *quote is from one of my all-time favorite books, "She".