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Echeveria "Vincent Catto"

Echeveria, Cacti, Succulents, Leo, Succulent Plants

Echeveria are shallow rooted plants and therefore benefit from good levels of organic matter in the soil. Good ventialtion is important for minimising pest and disease risks. Mealey bug and aphids find them irresistable so regular drenching with a suitable pesticide during the warmer months is advised - we use Neem Oil which works well and is 100% organic. Generally, the more sun they get the better they will display their colours and shape, but protect them from excessive sun during hot…

Echeveria elegans at the Huntington Botanic Gardens, near Los Angeles

Echeveria "Lauii" x "Lilacina" -3697

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Caring Echeveria Plants In Your Garden

Caring Echeveria Plants In Your Garden

Echeveria is one of the largest genera of drought-resistant plants. These perennial plants are tiny, rarely growing more than a few inches tall.

Kalanchoe thyrsiflora: Flapjack -- a succulent plant

A native of the South African desert, Kalanchoe thyrsiflora is a succulent tropical or annual plant for Tennessee, but it can be easily grown indoors in a container.

echeveria elegans by Janis Claude-Mayer

Echeveria (succulent) - these are the perfect plants for me! pretty but so badass they grow in deserts!