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Spiced with Horse Mint 02

Slightly green Exuberance laced with dotted skirt [photo study 2 of

Partially Transmitting Mirror 02

Autumn Exuberance on park road and in front of graffiti wall [photo study 2 of

Lateral Compliance 01

Blue Exuberance caught in green hose pipe [photo study 1 of

Cast a Ballot 05

Multiplied outside Exuberance in grotesque and inappropriate outfit [photo study 5 of

International League 03

Blue Exuberance between braces of old scaffold [photo study 3 of

Concourse Enclosure 06

Exuberance with lifted up skirt surrounded by colored shards [photo study 6 of

In Sight of Sprite 02

Lovely and youthful Exuberance in pastel brown and blue [photo study 2 of

Object Lesson 01

Chiefly Exuberance with green tiger on orange basis [photo study 1 of

Resistance to Shock Absorber 02

Exuberance masked as bunny seated in red armchair [photo study 2 of

Parabolic Specular Reflector 05

Hiding and disclosing Exuberance in bright and dark orange [photo study 5 of