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begonia tuber - RHS

begonia tuber - RHS

What can you think green energy benefit your life? What are there for you can do to help? Read the following article for simple tips on using green energy. Solar panels can collect sunlight for energy. There are a few things that should be considered prior to installing solar panels. The major thing you have to consider is how much sun does your house get on average? Be socially responsible, and cut... FULL ARTICLE @ http://ourfarmjourney.com/confused-by-green-energy-options-get-help-here/

With a positive impact on the economy, Georgia Farmers Markets has one of the biggest farmers markets in the world. Individual markets are held throughout

Many people are switching over to solar energy. The key to becoming an expert on solar power is to learn everything you can about its many benefits. The following paragraphs can be a great starting point. Start small when starting with solar power. You can find them at many retail establishments. They are as easy to install. If you want to go solar partially, look for small-scale solar power... FULL ARTICLE @ http://ourfarmjourney.com/useful-advice-for-those-interested-in-solar-energy/

There are actually large and small scale producers but again all of them meet in one place, at the Arkansas farmers markets

If you're in Canada and are feeling in the mood for some home grown produce as opposed to the regular mass produced supermarket goods, then you're in luck as the country offers a huge variety of farmer markets. Obviously, as Canada is a gigantic country, we won't be able to cover them all and you certainly won't be able to visit them all, but below is a list of some of the ones that are certainly worth a visit. The Marche du... FULL ARTICLE…

Canada Farmers Markets If you're in Canada and are feeling in the mood for some home grown produce as opposed to the regular mass produced supermarket goods

One great way to improve your diet is through organic garden. It does, however, though. This can make you wondering where to begin for growing your own organic gardening. Your children will enjoy being involved with you in the organic garden. A garden can be a great learning experience for your children, and will give you an opportunity to bond with them while you produce healthy food. Plant... FULL ARTICLE @ http://ourfarmjourney.com/useful-organic-gardening-tips-tricks-and-pointers/

Useful Organic Gardening Tips, Tricks And Pointers

I’m really into using rocks sculptural pieces in my landscape design this year plus they just look good and fit in with a rustic log cabin. I’d picked up 2 wire hanging baskets on the clearance rack at Menards just before the spring planting season was even on anyone’s mind. I knew I wanted to create an orb filled with rocks and surround it with lavender inside one of the 3 whiskey barrels I’m using for flowers this year.

How To Make A Garden Orb Without Tools

I’m really into using rocks sculptural pieces in my landscape design this year…

Source: Hardscaping 101: Pea Gravel

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Organic gardening is something that many families want to do but simply never go…

The early history of the North Dakota Farmers Markets shows the trading of food and livestock among the tribes with the Mandan tribe developing an advanced

raised bed garden designs - this one is the cinder block garden.  Be sure to read the tip about the box that goes underneath it before you start!  iSaveA2Z.com

Raised Bed Garden Designs

Check out this super easy Raised bed garden design! And you can put little flowers in the cinder block holes as a cute, colorful border too! I'm definitely going to be doing this for my vegetable garden this spring! This design is using 10 cinder blocks

9 Tricks For Growing Onions (better)

Have you had trouble growing onions? Growing onions can be tricky but these great tips will have you growing a bumper crop of healthy onions. 9 Tricks For Growing Onions. ( Also has a link to an extensive article on how to mulch properly.