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little deer

sweet fawn (momma deer bring their fawns to our property a lot - we don't have a dog so there's a safe "passageway" here)

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love.  paint colors from http://letschipit.com

DEER are a gift God gives me. When I'm having a rough day, a deer shows up. I feel like God is showing me He's there and He has my back. It's so cool to know He cares that much.

family outing

What a beautiful sight. Deer in snow .this happens in my neighborhood every week, seeing deer around that is.

cute baby animal pictures So preciously beautiful. I want this baby. Another cute baby animal :-)

.time to take a nap, deer....

A mother deer(doe) leave their baby throughout the day because the fawn is born without scent, since the fawns only defense are it's markings; to blend in with the dappled light of the forest floor.


plasmatics-life: Babe Lost in the Woods ~ By Connie Gifford so sweet! my favourite and loved little animal

.Beautiful young fawn looks like its smiling for the camera! <3

White Tailed Baby fawn Photo from Crista Forest Would love to see a young baby fawn. I have seen a baby fawn with its mother at a salt block