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Sweep and clear.

when frank castle family died he became a demon

Sehr zu empfehlen (wirkungsvoll gegen Stress und hilfreich gegen Rückschläge seelischer Art).  ;)

To prepare yourself for practice. And everything that will happen ;) Master Self-Defense to Protect Yourself

Iron Man suit from scratch…

This incredible Iron Man suit was made entirely with foam. I want to make the green goblin suit like this.

Anime-style jeans by German cosplayer known as Kirameku. She used water-based textile paints to draw on the preliminary lines and creases. Then she added highlights and shading to give the appearance of texture and depth. It might look simple, but the design took hours to perfect.

Cosplayer extraordinaire Kirameku is in the midst of a Borderlands cosplay for the ages, based on her jeans at least.It's hard to bring that unique . View "Cosplayer's Borderlands Jeans Are Cel-Shaded Perfection" and more funny posts on Dorkly

Someone Made Wolverine's Claws But With Batarangs And They're AMAZING (Video at link)

Someone Made Wolverine's Claws But With Batarangs And They're AMAZING

Blacksmiths Forge Wolverine’s Claws With Batarang Blades [Video]


This photo has inspired me to revisit my Joker costume! Joker costume - I was already the joker once for halloween, but it'd be worth doing it again with this inspiration!

DIY - Halo Armor Suit | Funny Dumpster

How To Build Your Own HALO Outfit: KAT // I'm not into HALO, but I could see this being useful for video game fans and Mecha genre cosplayers making EVA or Jaegar pilot suits.//I love halo