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I Am the Bad Wolf T-shirt by MeganLara

Shop I am the Bad Wolf dr who t-shirts designed by MeganLara as well as other dr who merchandise at TeePublic.

Tardis door, Today i heard my fellow whovian say  look a weeping angel hold on let me wipe my eyes.

Doctor Who closet, complete with time vortex. If I do this, will it make my closet bigger on the inside? I could use a walk-in closet with a library and a pool. Dylan likes idea for door into room without time vortex

прекрасная мисс Тайлер

Are you afraid of the big bad wolf? by Alice X. Zhang - sexiest, most goosebump-inducing fan art of Rose EVER. I shivered when I saw it!

Poe's Club - O blog brasileiro mais completo sobre Edgar Allan Poe: Nevermore

Crows Ravens: and Edgar Allan Poe caricature ~ "Edgar Allan Poe Art Card," by Kevin Bolk, at deviantART.


You know what’s the best part about this Doctor Who screenprint by Tim Doyle? Well, other than the fact that it’s a Doctor Who screenprint by Tim Doyle, it freaking GLOWS IN THE DARK!

My.Brave.Jack by ~TaiKaze on deviantART

*Spoiler* If you haven't gotten that far in Doctor Who. But when I found out that he was The Face of Boe, I kind of figured it out before, but it was still a big surprise. The people of BBC really do know what they are doing.

Kagerou Project - Shuuya Kano

Mekaku City Actors) : Kano Shuuya - I find this *cough* him *cough* absolutely adorable


Doctor Who ~season poster by ~AdrianaMelo on deviantART