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Israel best selling book about how to kill children.

An Apartheid israeli best seller on how to kill non-jewpig children.

IDF still think they are the most moral army in the world,kidnapping kids to stop them from going to school,reminds you of ISIs-type militants,when will the world wake up that the Taliban and ISIS is not an entity but rather a mindset which beleives in capturing land,terrorising people all in the name of some dictatorial state be it greater Israel or the so-called Islamic State

One of the Palestinian Children . See how the fascist Zionists treat him !

American citizens are fighting in the Israeli army also. I don't see how that's even legal. Surely it's a violation of The Logan Act, The Alien and Sedition Acts, or The Patriot Act for an American citizen to travel abroad, join a foreign military force, and participate in combat against civilians.

Arab leaders read this . She's more brave than you. - on this board cuz no where else to put it

Zorob Family of Rafah murdered by Israel bombing there home today. August 1, 2014  Photo taken during Eid.

Zorob Family of Rafah murdered by Israel bombing there home today. August 2014 Photo taken during Eid.

#Israel #freepalastine

Israel defending themselves against toddlers and infants since 1948

IDF Captain Reuven Schossen: "Israel is an unhuman country"

Israeli is not a democracy. It is a theocratic state which has no constitution to protect the rights of its citizens as Reuven Schossen, a former IDF captain.

Israeli state considered the children of Palestine, its first enemy

Let the world see the real "bravery" of the Israeli occupation army. Let the world see the mentally diseased, psychopathic army.