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Lil' Wee, about half in the bag

“never found a bag i wasn’t able to fill”

There is always similarity between human being and living creature simply just because we were born in the same planet sharing the same atmosphere.

Male models vs cat models (cats win, paws down)

The time log explains so much!! Emma sits on the nightstand at night and just stares at me. It is really creepy.

How to pet a kitty

so true! :) How to pet a kitty by Matthew Inman of the Oatmeal, Funny and insightful comic for cat lovers. to bad i hate cats

Images of the week, 70 images. Cats Taking Selfies Compilation

Funny pictures about Cats Taking Selfies Compilation, tagged with compilation, funny cats, selfie, taking posted in Gags

story of my life

Funny pictures about How my life works. Oh, and cool pics about How my life works. Also, How my life works photos.

pinned for MJ cat ^_^

Hilarious Stream of Cat 'Dreams' drawings

There's always one...

for those Supernatural fans who does this remind you of?<< what about for the Sherlockians out there?

He insted he wanted out. He regrets that decision. I fear for my life. (photo by ichasedragons)

slowly step towards the window, pull the drapes closed, and walk away.

The Somali is an energetic cat that loves to leap as well as play. In spite of that, she is a very easy cat to have in your home. Somalis enjoy individuals and also other animals.

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About The Somali Cat Breed

This is Tard, the grumpy dwarf kitty. Full name is Tartar Sauce, but his owners call her Tard (not the most PC of names! And if you needed proof that this new

It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life

Meet Sygmond, the most epic cat ever. Sygmond the Grey like Gandalf the Grey