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Sailor Mercury bookmark by *Marc-G on deviantART

Still for my Sailor Moon bookmarks set, here is Sailor Mercury. For a long time, she was my favorite character, probably because she was smart and a lon.

Sailor Scouts!

the sailor scouts: sailor moon, sailor mars, sailor mercury, sailor jupiter, sailor venus ahhhh so kawaii

Sailor Moon: Modern Guardians

halfglovepunch: “ Sailor Moon: Modern Guardians With the anniversary of Sailor Moon happening, I decided to redesign the five main Sailor Scouts and give their outfits/uniforms and tailor them to.

Sailor Mercury, Sailors, Sailor Moon, Sailor Moons


Sailor Moon: The Priestess Sailor Mercury: The Bard Sailor Mars: The Ranger Sailor Jupiter: The Warrior Sailor Venus: The Valkyrie Tuxedo Mask: The Dark.