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Dave Grohl. Everyone knows that he's an unbelievably talented musician. But more importantly, he seems to be a down to earth, hilarious, sweet guy. That's what I like most about him!

I'm Lauren, I love Foo Fighters and films. Talk to me :) If you love Dave Grohl, You'll love this!

Dave Grohl

The talent. The voice. The FOO! Dave Grohl - Foo Fighters Reminds me so much of my hubby!

Dave Grohl

All of those guys are Dave Grohl. I am in no way affiliated with Dave Grohl or anything Dave Grohl happens to be affiliated with. If you are Dave Grohl or someone.

Dave Grohl photographed by Anton Corbijn... Let's be honest: COULD THIS BE ANY MORE AWESOME?!?!? No, no, it could not. And BTW, this is honestly one of my ALL TIME FAVE pics of Dr. G. YUMMY!!! (Let me add that my husband is fully aware of my man-crush!)

Dave Grohl made EW's It List

Dave Matthews   He is my favorite artist. I melt whenever I hear that voice. He is handsome!

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