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Forest Wielder,female,no mate,great hunter,brave,creative,can speak to all animals,me,sister to Violet Blaze.

Unicorn - a gallery of magical Unicorn and Pegasus artwork by various artists. This collection of Pegasus and Unicorn images is truly enchanting.

Nerdanel by tolkienmaster (now EmberRoseArt) at deviantART

Forest Fairy / Fata dei boschi - Nerdanel, Art by tolkienmaster (now EmberRoseArt) at deviantART

Don't we all strive for this level of love? The freedom of spiritual love instead of weighing a persons qualities or faults. Oh to find a women who allowed me to be - in all my strength and weakness

Native American wisdom is amazing. This page pays tribute to their philosophy and beliefs with a collection of their quotes, sayings and blessings. You will also find the Native American 10 Commandments here.

Barbara, as your week as nears it's close, I wanted you to know what a pleasure it was honoring you. Buona settimana ♥ 4.2.16

Igor Zenin, 1948 ~ Dreaming Spirit

Dreaming your dream . live your life ! /Dreaming Spirit by Igor Zenin

Elfin wannabe, Hide Park, AM.  Just before the real Elves arrived.  Thank goodness Lance Constable Faragonda and her team were present and the "Elfkin Circle" event, or things could have led to an Affray.

Arianrhod (Celtic) is said to be able to shape shift into a large Owl, and through the great Owl eyes, sees even into the darkness of the human subconscious and soul. The Owl symbolizes death and.

Lets take our Hearts for a walk in the woods ~ and listen to the Magical whisper of Old Trees ༺♡༻

Lets take our Hearts for a walk in the woods ~ and listen to the Magical whisper of Old Trees ༺♡༻ OH YES,This is SO ME !

wonders of wanderings

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The closest he could get to breeding that deep blue rose he desired was only a pale purple. a lilac color.